ASO services for App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Huawei AppGallery, Galaxy Store, and Xiaomi GetApps in different countries starting from $99, as well as special packages for new applications and UA specialists
Until July 30
Over 9 years of experience
Our team has been working with App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA) since the emergence of these fields. Over the years, we've helped thousands of apps attract more traffic from search
Computational linguistics
We use our own technologies of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence to obtain maximum results
Direct access to store data
We use unlimited access to mobile data and proprietary professional tools
In-house specialists
Our team consists of specialists who speak fluent Chinese and English, and have in-depth knowledge of the cultures and nuances of Europe and Asia
Who will find it useful?
Publishers of released applications
Publishers of new applications
Publishers without an ASO team
You want to increase organic traffic in specific countries through textual optimization
Prepare your application for its first release on the App Store, Google Play, and other stores

You want to promote your application in specific countries but don't have an ASO specialist on your team
Why you need to work with ASO
of users go to the App Store to find the app they need
(according to Apple)
of traffic on the App Store is search traffic
(according to Apple)
of traffic on Google Play is search traffic
(according to Tune)
higher retention rate of organic users after 30 days
(according to Appsflyer)
Regular App Store Optimization processes help to drive downloads on each iteration
What we offer
Collecting the semantic core
The semantic core is a list of search queries relevant to the application. With its help, you can experiment with textual metadata, set up advertising in Apple Search Ads, and promote the application for necessary search queries using motivated traffic. Experiments with different groups of search queries allow you to find the most effective keywords for the application that will "bring" installs. We will collect a comprehensive semantic core that can be worked with for at least a year.
The price is for 1 store and 1 country. The second store comes with a 50% discount.
First store
Price for the second store
Groups of search queries by topic
Data on traffic volume for each query
Keyword difficulty index
The number of daily installs for each query
Information on the product's positions for each query it ranks for
What you will get
Any country
Textual ASO
Any country
For the App Store:*

For Google Play:*
Short description;
Full description.
What you will get
Google Play: the full description will only be available in Russian and English. If there is a request for another language, we provide a brief for the native speaker to write the full description.
App Store
All 39 localizations
Special Offer
App Store: the full description will not be included.
1 store
Textual metadata of the application is the textual content of the application page in the stores, which directly affects the indexing and ranking of the product. The correct metadata that we will gather for you will allow users to find your application in stores based on relevant keywords, and significantly expand the pool of such requests.
The price is for 1 platform and 1 country.
Product Page Optimization
Constant work with the visual elements of the app page is a driver of conversion growth. When developing concepts for new screenshots or preview videos, it is necessary to analyze a large amount of information. We will do this for you and create a detailed brief for designers with new hypotheses for testing.
1 application
Analysis of graphic elements on the pages of direct competitors' applications
Analysis of optimization trends in the application category
Formation of hypotheses for improving the graphical elements of the page
The most detailed technical task for designers
What you will get
ASO audit
An audit of the application page in the store is one of the most appropriate stages before its optimization. We will advise you on what already works and deserves a boost, and what needs to be "eliminated."
1 application/store/country
What you will get
Audit of textual metadata of the application along with the most comprehensive semantic core
Audit of visual elements + the most detailed technical task for designers
Audit of ratings and reviews
  • We will prepare textual and visual ASO for the first release with a focus on getting boosts from stores and all possible organic installs, as well as orient you on further steps.
  • During the process of collecting the semantic core and creating initial textual metadata, we will share insights on traffic, popular category features, and other trends.
  • We will create visuals upon request for an additional fee.
Special package for new apps
Textual ASO in 1 country in 1 store
Product Page Optimization
1 application
Special package for new applications
When ordering textual ASO optimization in more than three countries:
Special package for UA specialists
The optimization of paid traffic acquisition largely depends on the quality of textual and visual ASO of the application page in stores, because:
  • Attractive textual and visual metadata can increase conversion rates and reduce advertising costs;
  • Properly optimized textual metadata brings additional paying users from organic traffic, thereby offsetting part of the advertising campaign costs.
We will improve the textual and visual ASO of your application, taking into account all the requirements, and when ordering textual optimization for more than three countries, we will develop new visual concepts for only $199!
Special package for UA specialists
Product Page Optimization for just $199!
Consultation with the Head of ASO Consulting on any question
Online meeting, 60 minutes
3-5 countries — 10% discount
6-9 countries — 15% discount
10+ countries — 20% discount
Discounts when ordering multiple countries
Trusted by
Simple App
Ivan Semin,
User Acquisition
"Simple App has worked with Angle since September 2019. During this time, Angle has shown their professionalism in working with large projects. With professional service and a personal approach to your projects, I can definitely recommend the Agency — and Michael in particular — as a good partner. With Michael Shubin, Search Ads consultant, we increased our user acquisition in Apple Search Ads by 15. In Spend, we also achieved our KPI in CPA and ROAS".
LIT: Better Sex & Intimacy
"After Angle optimized our keywords and name for the App Store, we immediately noticed an increase in page views for our app's pre-orders. Additionally, we saw a significant improvement in pre-order conversions after updating our screenshots based on Angle's recommendations. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Angle Connect and appreciate the support we received along the way. The Angle team even helped us resolve some issues with the App Store that were unrelated to ASO."
Darya Dybal
Lead ASO Specialist
"We ordered a visual audit to increase our user loyalty in Japan, as this GEO is one of our top priorities. The team at Angle didn't just offer general tips on improving the graphics and videos on our landing page but also assisted our design team in the process, which, of course, was very helpful. As a result, the graphics we created with the Angle team outperformed our current version in testing on the App Store and is now live. This was a big step up for us as none of our earlier versions achieved such positive results.
Thanks a lot! 🙂"
DeepFaker LLC
Konstandian Razmik
"For almost 8 months, we have been developing an iOS app, and, realizing that ASO will play a key role already at the stage of launching the app, we contacted Angle Connect. We picked Angle Connect because we trusted their professionalism, which we saw after studying their materials on the Internet, as well as being in direct communication with representatives of the company.
After we signed a contract with them, our collaboration was organized really well. We received quick replies to all of our questions and received a great selection of keywords really quickly, which allowed us to index well in the App Store and get into the group of search suggestions in several stores at once in the first few days after the launch!"
Anton Tsaruk
"We've had the pleasure of working with Angle Connect Agency for some time now, and we're extremely impressed with the quality of their services.
Angle Connect conducted thorough keyword research for our products, which helped us optimize our App Store listings and Apple Search Ads campaigns. By identifying and targeting relevant keywords that potential users search for, we boosted our apps' visibility and traffic. The results were quite impressive, as we saw a 20–25% increase in visibility and a 15–20% increase in downloads from the search and Apple Search Ads campaigns after adding newly discovered keywords to our metadata.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with Angle Connect Agency."
The Coach
Kate Lakubchik
"Angle provided successful ASO optimization for our app, and was able to increase organic installs and conversion rates from a more targeted audience. I am so grateful to the team for their work, outstanding communication, quick chat responses, detailed explanations of each step, calls, and assistance in resolving any issues we encountered. It's especially great that after each ASO update, the team provides a detailed yet comprehensible report showing changes in App Store positions and number of installs."
Fjor Nutrition
Michael Sterlikov
Head of Performance Marketing
"We requested an ASO audit from the Angle team, and in just one week, they provided us with a comprehensive report that included semantic clustering, a metadata audit, suggestions for managing reviews, and a list of tasks for our designer to improve visual metadata. We are so happy with the results and have already started implementing their recommendations."
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