Why Angle
Unique experience
We have 3+ years of hands-on experience with Apple Search Ads
ASA growth framework
We have created the Apple Search Ads Framework to detect issues, continuously optimize and scale Search Ads campaigns
Technologies & Data
We have access to the most accurate store data thanks to our partners
We automate the campaign management process so that you can focus on the advertising strategy, rather than changing bids
Apple Search Ads service
includes the following features
We will set up an advertising account from scratch and manage your campaigns, keeping your KPIs at a given level
Setup & Management
Scaling strategy
We will set up an advertising account from scratch or manage existing campaigns.
We will analyze the account structure and effectiveness of past Search Ads campaigns, and prepare a list of recommendations based on our analysis.
We will apply best practices to maximize the volume from your Search Ads campaigns, keeping your KPIs at a set level.
We apply best practices from our three years of hands-on experience running Search Ads. We can start by setting up your advertising account with a sophisticated structure, along with the aim of continuously optimizing it with a program of experiments. Our data-based process is innovative — using the newest insights approaches — and maximizes your value from Search Ads campaigns.
In case you're already running Search Ads and want us to check your account, we can conduct a full review of your campaign. During our audit, our experts take all of your account data and analyze structure and performance through Search Ads API. We then align it with the best practices and most professional approaches. As a result, you get the report with an overview of your account state, list of issues, and — most importantly — a list of recommendations from our certified experts.
Scaling is one of the most discussed topics in Search Ads. While some advertisers struggle to scale their campaigns because raising bids results in installs that are too expensive, others apply best practices to scale without increasing the cost per install, and even lowering it in some cases. This requires a profound and holistic strategy to obtain high relevance for your app, and we can help with that.
Consultancy and Training
We will share our knowledge to answer your questions and train your team.
We will save your time by minimizing manual work, no matter how complex your account structure is.
We not only answer all your questions about Search Ads, but we also inspire you to ask the right questions. With our vision of Search Ads logic, we can suggest the winning strategy tailored to your goals. Besides that, we can organize training sessions for your team on both basic and advanced levels. Our knowledge is based on our practice with dozens of apps, and we're keen to share it. That's why our training programs are full of practical insights you can’t get just by reading the documentation.
Managing Search Ads accounts manually is an option, but only to a certain point. Once you expand your campaigns to more than one storefront or would like to use more than 50 keywords, it becomes time-consuming work. With Search Ads API and our experience in automation, you can eliminate the limitations of manual labor, thereby expanding to the whole list of 60 available storefronts and using thousands of keywords, as well as effective data collection and bid optimization. We provide and deploy automation scripts that solve bulk creation, data collection, bid optimization, and other tasks.
How it works
We will apply best practices to get the maximum volume from your Search Ads campaigns, keeping your KPIs at a set level
While some advertisers struggle to scale their campaigns because raising bids results in unaffordable installs, others apply best practices to scale without increasing the cost per install, and even lowering it in some cases. This requires a profound and holistic strategy to get high relevance for your app, and we can help with this.
We offer different solutions
Each business has different needs.
So we offer two forms of partnership

Long-term support
As your partner, we can fully take on the task of getting search traffic from scratch. Multiple iterations of ASO will be more effective and will help you get more users from other channels.
One-time offer
We'll help you if you want to run a one-time test campaign or get an audit and improve your team's KPI's. One iteration is also available.
Trusted by
Simple App
Ivan Semin,
User Acquisition
"Simple App has worked with Angle since September 2019. During this time, Angle has shown their professionalism in working with large projects. With professional service and a personal approach to your projects, I can definitely recommend the Agency — and Michael in particular — as a good partner. With Michael Shubin, Search Ads consultant, we increased our user acquisition in Apple Search Ads by 15. In Spend, we also achieved our KPI in CPA and ROAS".
LIT: Better Sex & Intimacy
"We noticed an immediate increase in page views of our app in pre-order right after letting Angle optimize our keywords and name for the App Store. We've also seen a huge increase in conversions to preorders after updating our screenshots as recommended by Angle. Overall, we're very pleased with our collaboration. Appreciate all the support we've got along the way, Angle team even helped us solve some issues with the App Store that are not related to ASO! It was very helpful to be able to talk to someone with so much experience and knowledge on the App Store ecosystem".
Darya Dybal
Lead ASO Specialist
"We ordered a visual audit to increase our user loyalty in Japan, as this GEO is one of our top priorities. The team at Angle didn't just offer general tips on improving the graphics and videos on our landing page but also assisted our design team in the process, which, of course, was very helpful. As a result, the graphics we created with the Angle team outperformed our current version in testing on the App Store and is now live. This was a big step up for us as none of our earlier versions achieved such positive results.
Thanks a lot! 🙂"
DeepFaker LLC
Konstandian Razmik
"For almost 8 months, we have been developing an iOS app, and, realizing that ASO will play a key role already at the stage of launching the app, we contacted Angle Connect. We picked Angle Connect because we trusted their professionalism, which we saw after studying their materials on the Internet, as well as being in direct communication with representatives of the company.
After we signed a contract with them, our collaboration was organized really well. We received quick replies to all of our questions and received a great selection of keywords really quickly, which allowed us to index well in the App Store and get into the group of search suggestions in several stores at once in the first few days after the launch!"
Anton Tsaruk
"We've had the pleasure of working with Angle Connect Agency for some time now, and we're extremely impressed with the quality of their services.
Angle Connect conducted thorough keyword research for our products, which helped us to optimize our App Store listings and Apple Search Ads campaigns. By identifying and targeting relevant keywords that potential users search for, we boosted our apps' visibility and traffic. The results were quite impressive, as we saw a 20–25% increase in visibility and a 15–20% increase in downloads from organic traffic and Apple Search Ads campaigns after implementing newly found keywords.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with Angle Connect Agency."
The Coach
Kate Lakubchik
"Angle provided successful ASO optimization for our app, and was able to increase organic installs and conversion rates from a more targeted audience. I am so grateful to the team for their work, outstanding communication, quick chat responses, detailed explanations of each step, calls, and assistance in resolving any issues we encountered. It's especially great that after each ASO update, the team provides a detailed yet comprehensible report showing changes in App Store positions and number of installs."
Fjor Nutrition
Michael Sterlikov
Head of Performance Marketing
"We requested an ASO audit from the Angle team, and in just one week, they provided us with a comprehensive report that included semantic clustering, a metadata audit, suggestions for managing reviews, and a list of tasks for our designer to improve visual metadata. We are so happy with the results and have already started implementing their recommendations."
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